Discover the heart and soul behind AUG 11, a brand born out of a moment that struck me like lightning, on October 24th, 2023. The name AUG 11 holds a profound significance, tracing back to the cherished birthday of my little sister, Isabell, on 8/11/2003. Her emotions, shared with me at a crucial juncture in my life at the age of 20, sparked a transformation in my path and changed my life forever. The word she shared with me on that day in November of 2010, sparked a fire within me for change that has yet to be extinguished, 13 years later.

The hat designs aren't merely about my sister or our bond; instead, they embody a visual symphony that resonates with the aesthetics I found so captivating, I had them permanently inked onto my skin. AUG 11, however, is more than just a brand; it is the embodiment of my life's dedication and passion. After a decade in the fashion industry, from a Model to Designer, evolving into the Director of International Sales, and eventually establishing my own fashion wholesale agency, I ventured away from fashion for three years.

Now, AUG 11 has reignited my purpose, breathing life into my work once again. The significance of my sister's birthday embedded in this brand adds a layer of beauty to my journey. This endeavor isn't just a job; it's a labor of love that means the world to me. Each hat is a testament to the commitment and passion I pour into my life's work. It's a testament to my Unbreakable Resilience throughout the previous 13 years of my life.

Having weathered the storms and taken detours, the release of these hats signifies a triumphant return to my roots. It's not just a product; it's an extension of my identity, something I am genuinely proud to wear. To those who have supported us thus far and those who will join us in the future, your backing is immeasurable. You are contributing to a dream, a purpose, and a journey that holds profound meaning. From the depths of my heart, thank you.

Love y'all 🫶

- Johnny